Whitney Wolfe Herd The Reason Behind the Grand Success of Bumble

Many people feel that the tech industry is not for the women and Whitney Wolfe Herd has single-handedly shown that it is not true. The CEO of the successful dating app Bumble said that she had a lot of doubters when she launched her app in 2014 with her small team. Most of the people thought she was making a mistake by creating a dating app dedicated primarily to women and told her that it wouldn’t work. But, she used her own dating experience and knew that she is not alone in the way women are treated in the dating industry. She felt insecure making the first move in other dating apps and felt that something should be done about it. Whitney Wolfe Herd created Bumble that allowed only the women to respond to messages first and will enable them to make the first move rather than the men.

Whitney Wolfe Herd worked with a small team of experienced and dedicated people who believed in her vision. She is an excellent leader and has led her team to many successes in the past years. The dating app currently has 33 million registered users, and a large percentage of the users spend around 100 minutes on the app daily. It is due to her passionate team members that she has been successful and helps run her company seamlessly. She offers excellent perks to the employees of the company, and even the interns are treated as employees of the company. The company recently moved from a small office to its uniquely designed head office in North Lamar Boulevard. The new office is developed by JEI Design Inc and offers a female-friendly work environment. The company aims to surpass all of their past records and reach a profit of $150 million by the end of 2018. With the company adding about 50,000 new users on a daily basis, the fiat is not very tough to achieve.

Whitney Wolfe Herd has not just been successful in business, but she has also been successful in her relationships. She recently married her boyfriend, Michael Herd in an intimate ceremony in Italy. She met her now husband back in 2013 when they were introduced by a mutual friend. Getting married is not the only achievements she has achieved in 2017. She also launched two other apps under her Bumble umbrella, Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz that are consistently growing with its unique features that others were too afraid to use.

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The Quincy: Downtown Luxury Apartments in Crime-Centric Neighborhood

The Quincy is a luxury apartment complex located in the heart of downtown New Brunswick, New Jersey. Each rental unit features a kitchen with stainless steel appliances and quartz countertops. The contemporary bathrooms also possess quartz countertops, along with ceramic tile floors. The living areas has wood flooring and bay windows with views of the city. Each apartment has a washer and dryer, as well as walk-in closets. On-site ameneties include a parking garage, concierge service, pet spa and dog park, bike usage and storage, 24-hour emergency maintenance, media room, yoga room and library. Outdoor offerings include an outdoor terrace and a rooftop terrace with pool lounge, cabana and grills.

The surrounding neighborhood surrounding The Quincy has been the target of several crimes over the years. On Nov. 30, 2012, a delivery man went to a nearby apartment complex to deliver a pizza. However, the apartment’s resident stated that he did not order a pizza, and the delivery man returned to his car. At that point, three men approached him from behind, stating they ordered the pizza. When the delivery man went into his car to retrieve the pizza, one of the suspects put a handgun to the man’s head and demanded money. The three suspects then stole the man’s wallet and pizza before leaving the area and running to a nearby parking lot, where they left in a minivan. Local police were able to locate and apprehend the leader of the three men using cell phone information retrieved at the site around the time and area of the robbery. The gang’s leader was later linked to that location.

A shooting occurred nearby in the New Brunswick Apartments complex on Oct 7, 2015. Sometime after three or four shots rang out about 9:30 p.m. that night, the victim walked into nearby Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital with a non-life threatening gunshot wound. Police later returned to the scene to pick up gun shell casings.


OSI Group: Leading By Example In Global Foodservices

The foodservice industry is one of the largest industries in modern-day times. Besides Antarctica, every continent on the planet has some form of foodservice provider. The industry is highly-profitable on an annual basis because it brings in billions of dollars. Aurora, Illinois, the home for one of the world’s top custom-food producers, has over 10 decades of experience. If you haven’t guessed it by now, the company’s name is OSI Group. Oak Park, a suburb of Chicago, was the company’s first location. Owned and founded by Mr. Otto Kolschowki, OSI Group actually went by the title of Otto & Sons. Otto & Sons was small, but it got the job done, which helped to boost its reputation.

If you were in this area of the Midwest at the time, you would have had access to great quality meats. The meats were so high-quality to where McDonald’s chose it as one of its four main meat suppliers. That’s right! Until this very day, these two cash-cows have remained business partners. As the years rolled-by, OSI would partner with many other high-profile companies like Yum, Burger King, Subway, Starbucks, KFC, Papa John’s and Pizza Hut. Here are some of the benefits of service.

  • Global Flavor Knowledge
  • Precise Specifications For Custom Foods
  • Unsurpassed Food Safety
  • Trustworthy Supply Chain
  • Good Ethics
  • And many more

OSI Group is always on the lookout for ambitious people. If you have a passion for foodservices, and you have certain qualifications, you should seek employment. OSI Group bought the Tyson Foods plant in Chicago for $7.4 million. This plant just so happened to be in close proximity to many of the company’s other food plants. This company is always on the go, and it always seem to be growing. As of now, there are well-over 20,000 employees that are part of this team. OSI Group has a huge presence in China as it has provided up to 20 years of experience. China has also benefited from continuous growth ever since OSI has been on-deck. In the end, this exceptional foodservice has the game on lock, and it has set new trends in concept-to-table food solutions.

Stream Appoints a New Chief Financial Officer

A few days ago, Stream company which was previously known as a Stream Energy, announced the addition of a new chief financial officer and executive vice president by the name David Faranetta. David is set to oversee the firms accounting, reporting, and treasury functions, and ensure that the firm’s financial plans are efficient and timely. Faranetta’s role will focus on driving Stream’s economic growth. Being a veteran in the energy industry, David is expected to bring a strategic record of visionary executive development and leadership. Stream announces that David has earned broad recognition as a motivational speaker and a leader whose main aim is to align the firm’s human and non-human resources towards economic development and growth. David Faranetta asserts that he has been following Stream for an extended period and that he is thrilled to join the dynamic team with significant expertise and robust ideas for growth. Follow Stream Energy on Twitter.

David reveals that he is excited to be part of an executive team that sets the pace for the firm to boost development within the energy industry. Holding the position of a chief financial officer, David will be responsible for overseeing that the financial procedures driving Stream towards growth and development are adhered to and maintained. David is known to have vast experience and a deep understanding of treasury and financial management operations, risk management and regulatory procedures which will be an added benefit to the firm. The CEO and president of Stream announced that he is thrilled that David joined the team, as his experience and contribution would be of value to the company. The CEO believes that David will effectively shape the future of Stream and sore the firm to greater heights. Visit Public Utility Commission of Texas website to know more about Stream Energy.

About Stream

The stream Energy is one of the best direct selling firms and providers of life connected services. The company was founded in 2005 and has its headquarters in Dallas. Stream’s application of innovative techniques of direct selling vastly revolutionized the global energy industry and generated high revenues. The company, therefore, transformed to become the leading direct selling firm within the national and international market.

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Fabletics And The Key to Leveraging the Crowd

Online shoppers, even more so than traditional customers are technically aware today. The strategy of selling has been influenced by the internet and the reviews of the customer. Leveraging the crowd has become the newest secret in the retail world. The relevancy of reviews and customer feedback has changed the way stores do business. Fabletics, a company created in 2013 has mastered the strategy of review based websites and customer related approaches.


Businesses which understand the latest trend in review heavy websites is successful. Fabletics, developed by Kate Hudson, has exploded at an amazing rate. This activewear company has improved sales by more than 200% since it began which means over $235 million dollars and more than 1 million paying members.


Fabletics has emphasized on the plan of membership to increase customer loyalty. This company uses quizzes and surveys to learn about the customer and then provides special orders each month. The relevance of positive reviews is not underestimated at Fabletics as they highlight customer feedback as one of the most crucial elements of their website.


How do you leverage the crowd? Fabletics, along with other successful businesses know that high reviews given by real customers can increase traffic, bigger purchases and solidify customer loyalty. People today lead digital lives and respond rapidly to this type of marketing. 84% of buyers say that they trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations from people they are familiar with.

Gone are the days when people trusted certain brands or companies.Now, shoppers search for and believe the reviews on the website. This crowdsourcing is an important part of business success. Half of the customers questioned state they research a business at least once a month. 50% state that they read review feedback regularly which is up 50% from a year ago. An incredible 60% said that a bad review would cause them not to shop at a company or buy a specific product.


Crowdsourcing or leveraging the crowd has been the most dramatic growths in the things which affect customers. Businesses, such as Fabletics, who are expanding have a strategy that addresses the ability to leverage the crowd. They highlight surveys and print results that possible customers can have easy access to. A recent holiday survey proved that of online users s only about 33% were influenced by price comparisons while an incredible percentage, over 65% went by customer related reviews.

This pattern proves that customers trust reviews over price differences!

Fabletics knows that crowdsourcing is the key to the new type of marketing. This company prides itself on being transparent and customer based which has brought success to them. Their website company is growing and they are following up with more brick and mortar stores.


Trustpilot, one of the most popular review sites has 20,000 new reviews every day. Fabletics understands the importance of having its name and products in as many positive reviews on such sites as possible. With 85% of sales coming from returning customers, businesses have to use every tactic to leverage the crowd.

Daniel Taub: Strengthening the Ties between Israel and the United Kingdom

Daniel Taub is considered as one of the most successful diplomats sent by Israel to the United Kingdom. The former ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom managed to strengthen the ties between the two states, and his four-year tenure as a diplomat is highly successful and productive. The changes and improvements undertaken by Daniel Taub will be remembered for a very long time, and many people who he had worked for in the United Kingdom are feeling a little bit sad, knowing that his term has finally ended and he has to return to his homeland.


Daniel Taub was born in the United Kingdom, spending most of his childhood in England. They are part of a broader community of Israelis working and living in the United Kingdom, and as he grew up, he realized the importance of community work and Daniel Taub started to volunteer for different groups and organizations. Later in his life as a young volunteer, he decided to go back to Israel and settle there. He entered the Israeli military, and he was given several positions. One of the jobs that he would never forget was being a peace negotiator, where he was sent to represent Israel and speak with his Palestinian counterpart. He also traveled extensively being a negotiator, and one of his most memorable trips was when they were tasked to go to Northern Ireland and attend a conference about peace negotiations. They were also informed about the difference of cultures around the world, and they took all of the knowledge that they learned back to their homelands and shared it with the public. Learn more: http://chronicleweek.com/2017/09/israeli-ambassador-daniel-taub-un-agencies-are-effectively-supporting-palestinian-child-abuse/


In 2011, Daniel Taub was chosen to become the ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom, and when he faced the Queen for his confirmation, the Queen asked him how it feels to become an ambassador on the land where he was born. Daniel Taub honestly replied that it feels strange, but he would have to prioritize the interest of the country he serves. As an ambassador, Daniel Taub is responsible for strengthening the ties between the two states. He initiated several programs which would provide the British people with deep understanding of the cultures and traditions of Israel. There were also several student exchange programs under his term, with the primary objective of implanting knowledge to the minds of the students about the importance of knowing two contrasting cultures. He is also vital for the growth of trade between the two states, and because of his hard work and perseverance, the United Kingdom allowed 300 Israeli businesspeople to open up and operate their business inside the kingdom.






Insights on the American Institute of Architects

This is an architectural body of professionals that oversee the designing and the redesigning of structural building. It was founded in 1857 by a small group of architects that consisted of only 13 members. The group worked on the constitution and bylaws that were to be used for the running of body to ensure discipline and its continuity.

Currently, the body of professional architects is governed by a board of directors and is led by FAIA, Robert Ivy, as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) together with FAIA, Thomas V. Vonier, as the president of AIA. The two have worked tirelessly to make sure that the values of the body are upheld at all times.

Since its birth, the body has grown magnificently from a 13 member body to the current over 90 000 members. It has had major developments and has won in many architectural competitions. The body has produced among the finest architects such as Robert Ivy who has been named as master of architects in 2010 by Alpha Rho Chi.

Robert Ivy, an architect, member and CEO of the American Institute of Architects encourages his members to not only to focus on architecture but also focus in public health. He does this because he believes that architectural practices go hand in hand with public health and ignoring it could lead to unwanted adverse effects.

As a result of increase in membership to the institute, membership has been tiered to different categories. These categories are divided into five and include the licensed architects, non-licensed but practicing architects, practicing non-US architects, professionals who are not architectures but their fields are allied to architecture and those that have been in the institute as members for 15 years consecutively.

Members of the body are always encouraged to adhere to its standards while delivering services. This is because the body has a significant influence on the US government and the legislative bodies. Thus, a need to save the image and this mutual trust is important.

While making important public redesign decisions, the institute is always consulted by the government. The body considers this as their way of giving back to the society and is always available to serve when needed.

The American Institute of Architects has a way of rewarding its members. Those that have contributed significantly are given the rewards that they deserve. The top most ranked award being the Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (FAIA).

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Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions

Do you need help managing your lifestyle? Ever wonder how to bridge the gap between employment and retirement? Wealth Solutions has the answers. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions embarked on a journey to help people gain financial freedom and accomplish their personal financial goals. To achieve that goal,the University of Houston Alum received his Retirement Income Certified Professionals (RICP) certification and developed a business that would provide unprejudiced guidance and tailored investment, retirement, and wealth preservation strategies. Wealth Solution’s mission is to make a positive change in the lives of families and small businesses statewide.


Richard Blair grew up in a family filled with educators. Naturally, it became prevalent that he would follow in the footsteps of his predecessors but he always thrived on more challenging endeavors. Richard decided to go into the world of finance after graduating from college and found his calling – Investment Advising. In 1994, he decided to become an entrepreneur and started a Registered Investment Advisory firm in the heart of Austin, Texas. Now, with over 24 years of experience, Richard continue to seek further education to assure that he and his staff are capable of helping their clients achieve financial freedom prior to and after retirement. Wealth Solutions provides specialized advise in the following areas: Annuity, Estate and Trust, Funds, Income, Tax, and Retirement. For convenience, Wealth Solutions also provides a fully interactive website (www.wealthsoultionsria.com) that provide full access to all services that are provided and a client concierge option that will provide you with 24 hour access to your financial service resources by simply logging in with your four digit pin. Other features on the website include: Web Solutions Learning Center and a Financial Investment Glossary to help freshen up on your financial lingo.


How does Richard Blair determine your needs?

Simple! Richard has a Three Pillar approach that allows him to assess and plan, develop a strategy, and then establish your financial goal. The team at Wealth Solutions are committed to building a strong, lasting, healthy, and wealthy relationship with it’s clientele. This team thrives off of the satisfaction of their clients and will go the extra mile to assure that the main goal has been met. In summary, Wealth Solutions provides a dynamic solutions to service your financial needs.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Dr. Sam Jejurikar is a plastic surgeon working out of Dallas, Texas. Dr. Jejurikar is fulfilled from his work. He wants to make a difference in someone’s life, at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Dr. Sam Jejurikar makes certain that his procedures are safe. Dr. Jejurikar accepts the following kinds of insurance, BCBS Blue Card PPO, BCBS Texas BlueChoice, CIGNA HMO, CIGNA Open Access, CIGNA PPO, Great West PPO, Humana Choice Care Network PPO, United Health Care Direct Choice Plus POS, United Health Care Direct Options PPO. Dr. Jejurikar is affiliated with Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, and the Pine Creek Medical Center.

His specialty is in plastic surgery, which means he provides skin tissue, bone, and other tissues repair or replacement, and reconstructive surgery on hands and face (craniofacial). Dr. Jejurikar was educated at University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers for his plastic surgery residency, and the University of Michigan Medical School. He is certified in the following, American Board of Plastic Surgery, MI State Medical License active through 2019, NY State Medical License active through 2012, and TX State Medical License active through 2018. Dr. Jejurikar’s beside manner reflects warmth and sensitivity towards patients.

Dr. Jejurikar helps patients reach their goals such as getting a Brazilian Butt Lift, or reconstructive surgery on the eyes, nose, body and breast. Dr. Jejurikar provides a hotel where patients can recover with a nurse. Dr. Jejurikar has 16,000 square feet of office space to provide his patients with a great clinical setting where he performs face lifts, tummy tucks, breast lifts, breast augmentation, and more. Some patients want to look younger, or restore their body from pregnancy. Plastic surgeons listen to what their patients want. Dr. Jejurikar likes what he does, which makes a difference in people’s lives.

The Academy of Art – Inspiring Students Reach Their Dreams

During New York’s fashion week, fashion newbies and well known names strut their stuff on the cat walk. For the twenty first time in a row, The School of Fashion from the Academy of Art University, has presented a runway showcase. This season ten fashion BFA and MFA graduates brought a total of nine clothing collections to the runway. These included 2 menswear lines, 5 womenswear collections and 2 collaborations from the graduates. Each collection displayed the young designers individual taste, their creations created a bit of buzz with their individual style on the fashion runways in 2017.


The Academy of Art University https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/college-university-search/academy-of-art-university is located in San Francisco, California. It’s called San Francisco home since 1929 and has provide a place for young artists to come to learn and express their creativity through their art. The university is dedicated to helping grow all fields of design through preparing young artist to become professionals in their perspective fields.


At the university their goal is to provide a community of support that helps challenge students to find ones full creative professional ability. Each student who graduates will leave with the ability to contribute in the field of their study. There are no barriers as to who can apply to the Academy of Art. The only qualification necessary is a passion for your art and a desire to learn. At The Academy of Art the professors are highly accomplished professionals, who have a desire to give back and hold the students to the highest level of professional ethical standards.


The Academy of Art University has expanded their reach by offering online courses to students since 2002. Each year the university holds over seventy student art shows, where students and alumni can display their work in school owned galleries. The school provides seventeen different housing facilities to ensure that student thrive during the time they study at The Academy of Art.