Launch Your Incredible Marketing Campaign with NewsWatch TV!

NewsWatch TV is a twenty seven year spanning, award winning, television series, hosted by Michelle Ison, Andrew Tropeano, and Susan Bridges, which is split into segmented portions, with a focus on consumer products, developing technology, business innovations, and entertainment news. Beginning in March of 1990, NewsWatch started by airing once a month with a focus on finances, as the program progressed however, it began airing once a week, and expanded to include a variety of different segments, including business, marketing, and entertainment. Through their decades of experience, NewsWatch has introduced their vast audience to a multitude of different products, resulting in a long run of hit marketing campaigns.

With a variety of awards under their belt, including a Silver Telly in 2016, and a 2017 national videographer award, NewsWatch TV has exhibited a supreme sense of news marketing, the ability to develop and maintain a wide viewership, and the knowledge to present varying promotional campaigns to that audience. NewsWatch have supported the campaigns of various Fortune 500 companies, including Siemens, Audi, and Sony, as well as notable companies such as Bang & Olufsen, Casio, and D-Link. Through their varying segments, such as Tech Report, and Appwatch, their strident social media presence, and a commitment to the best possible coverage of any company’s campaign, NewsWatch TV have successfully presented their audience with a variety of consumer news throughout the years.

Contour, designers of a new ergonomic work station worked alongside of NewsWatch TV Reviews on their latest marketing campaign to target U.S. audiences interested in their products. The company immediately saw a dramatic increase in their ‘Ultimate Workstation’ product, thanks to the segment hosted by NewsWatch. The televised review reached over 95 million U.S. households, and the online campaign, also provided by NewsWatch TV, resulted in over 600,000 impressions. Contour’s Product Marketing Manager attributed the vast sales spike to the work done by NewsWatch in a recent statement, and says there has been an unexpectedly positive response spawning directly from the NewsWatch TV segment.