Ted Bauman Offers Advice to Nervous Investors

The long-lived bull market causes many to worry about when it will all come tumbling down. Ted Bauman has 20 years of experience in finance and investing. He serves as an editor and writer at Banyan Hill Publishing. Bauman’s first newsletter is the Bauman Letter. He also publishes a stock-trading guide called “Smart Money.”

Ted Bauman gives the market a 50% chance of continuing to grow in the near term. But it has a 50% chance of plumbing new depths. Bauman offered up some comments on markets in a recent article on Gazette Day[1].

Ted Bauman worries about the dangers of rules-based selling. Algorithmic trading is another name for such selling. He says that kind of selling was part of what caused the 1987 stock-market crash. Bauman observed that those who did not engage in panic-selling came out unscathed. He feels most stocks are overvalued. A reassessment of their value could lead to dividends that can’t cover losses. He expects long-term interest rates to go up in the near future. He says higher rates could hit the S&P hard. But he says not to panic. He advises readers to take the long view.

Bauman feels the key is to focus on protecting your assets. He counsels not trying to hit home runs. He often advises balanced mutual funds. Such funds offer a mix of stock and bonds. The combination may perform well in both up and down markets.

Bauman was recently interviewed on Inspirey.com[2]. The interview offers insight into Ted and his worldview. Bauman was born in the US. He moved to South Africa while a young man. He attended the University of Cape Town. He graduated with a B.S. His disciplines were economics and history. Ted’s early experience was in managing funds for low-income housing. That gave him a decidedly different outlook on economics. The experience demonstrated that finance and investment could not be separated from politics.

Ted Bauman said going into business came from his desire to help others. He wanted to help small investors guard their rights against threats from government and large business. His father is a well-recognized writer on finance and investment. He said his fledgling newsletter benefited from his father’s reputation. Bauman points to time management as vital to his success. Effective time management leads to productivity. Productivity leads to success.

Bauman went on to offer advice on reading, writing, and technology. He recommended reading “Capitalism in the 21st Century”. He found the book inspiring. He feels critical thinking gives his writing its vitality. He likes to provide practical examples to help his readers grasp complicated financial topics. Bauman believes it is essential to keep abreast of the latest productivity software. Recently, he purchased software to make it easier to create portfolios.



Equities First Holdings Australia- Financial freedom through a reliable business partner

Equities First Holdings is a business that offers alternative financing methods to its clients. The company mainly deals with shareholding loans which are some of the most important loans in the world. Why are they important? Equities-based loans are a preserve of all people. Unlike other loans which are meant for the wealthy, Equities –based loans can be accessed by people without assets or high credit rating as demanded by the traditional commercial banks. Equities First Holdings is a business that serves the interests of a majority of borrowers. Many borrowers want a business solution that works for them at all times. With Equities First Holdings every customer is assisted in the best way possible. The staff who work for the company are ready to serve the clients in the best interest of both the firm and the borrower. In most cases, they will sit down with the borrower to figure out which is the best package for them. Loans at Equities First Holdings are customized depending on the needs of the borrower.

Equities First Holdings in Australia is performing very well and is offering the best services to its clients. In the modern world, there is need to deal with the problems facing the financial sector in an approach like the one embraced by this company; it is giving everyone a chance to borrow.

Madison Street Capital Teams Up With Oak Street Funding to Facilitate Infiniti HR Debt Facility

The $4.2 million debt facility of Inifiti HR that is being led by Madison Street Capital’s Berry Petersen, Senior Managing Director, was announced by Charles Botchway, Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital. Oak Street Funding is financing the operation which will allow Infiniti HR to grow their company with the proper capital that they have been needing. Oak Street Funding has experience in the services that Infiniti HR will require and their Chief Executive Officer, Rick Dennen, is looking forward to the partnership as it will be mutually beneficial.


Infiniti HR provides services to small and medium sizes such as human resources along with business processes. This allows their clients to spend their time and resources on operating the rest of the aspects of their business. Madison Street Capital’s Barry Petersen believes that the expertise of his company, as well as the strength of Infiniti HR’s management team, will lead to significant growth for Infiniti HR and their ability to serve their clients. With Oak Street Funding’s familiarity of the insurance service sector, he believes the partnership will be ideal.


Madison Street Capital has opened offices in Asia, Africa, and North America since it was founded in 2005. With offices located internationally, Madison Street Capital works with clients around the world that includes national and international corporate governance. They have years of experience in many different aspects of financial advisory services such as mergers, acquisitions, corporate governance, and valuation services. Over the years, they have built many professional relationships that aid them in finding capitalization, financing, as well as buyers and sellers that fit the particular situation of each client using their services. In order to properly serve their clients, Madison Street Capital first places a proper value on the businesses they are working with to better assess the situation.


Madison Street Capital’s main client base is middle-market businesses that need help figuring out the best financial options for their current and future growth and development. The process of finding the right financial advisor for a business can be a huge task as many don’t know how to sort through the sea of different options. Madison Street Capital has a long history of excellence and has built their reputation to be one of the top financial service providers throughout the middle-market industry.


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