Fabletics And The Key to Leveraging the Crowd

Online shoppers, even more so than traditional customers are technically aware today. The strategy of selling has been influenced by the internet and the reviews of the customer. Leveraging the crowd has become the newest secret in the retail world. The relevancy of reviews and customer feedback has changed the way stores do business.


Businesses which understand the latest trend in review heavy websites is successful. Fabletics, developed by Kate Hudson, has exploded at an amazing rate. This activewear company has improved sales by more than 200% since it began which means over $235 million dollars and more than 1 million paying members.


Fabletics has emphasized on the plan of membership to increase customer loyalty. This company uses quizzes and surveys to learn about the customer and then provides special orders each month. The relevance of positive reviews is not underestimated at Fabletics as they highlight customer feedback as one of the most crucial elements of their website.


How do you leverage the crowd? Fabletics, along with other successful businesses know that high reviews given by real customers can increase traffic, bigger purchases and solidify customer loyalty. People today lead digital lives and respond rapidly to this type of marketing. 84% of buyers say that they trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations from people they are familiar with.

Gone are the days when people trusted certain brands or companies.Now, shoppers search for and believe the reviews on the website. This crowdsourcing is an important part of business success. Half of the customers questioned state they research a business at least once a month. 50% state that they read review feedback regularly which is up 50% from a year ago. An incredible 60% said that a bad review would cause them not to shop at a company or buy a specific product.


Crowdsourcing or leveraging the crowd has been the most dramatic growths in the things which affect customers. Businesses, such as Fabletics, who are expanding have a strategy that addresses the ability to leverage the crowd. They highlight surveys and print results that possible customers can have easy access to. A recent holiday survey proved that of online users s only about 33% were influenced by price comparisons while an incredible percentage, over 65% went by customer related reviews.

This pattern proves that customers trust reviews over price differences!

Fabletics knows that crowdsourcing is the key to the new type of marketing. This company prides itself on being transparent and customer based which has brought success to them.


Trustpilot, one of the most popular review sites has 20,000 new reviews every day. Fabletics understands the importance of having its name and products in as many positive reviews on such sites as possible. With 85% of sales coming from returning customers, businesses have to use every tactic to leverage the crowd.