Laying The Foundation For Cross Reality

Cross reality, or XR, looks to be the next logical step when it comes to virtual reality. The idea is to combine all of the various forms of virtual reality and make them more accessible to non-gamers. Alex Hern in laying the foundation for XR, has been looking at the business possibilities of virtual reality, especially how it make doing business so much easier. This goes beyond mere gameplay, such as that used in augmented reality apps and games, and actually finding ways of applying that technology to how people do business. While Hern is looking at his Tsunami XR software, he is also looking at integrating it into business as a whole.

Some of the basic ways in which XR could be used is in making meetings and working on projects that much easier, and would allow even those who were nowhere near each other to discuss business and work together. However, there are other considerations; real estate agencies, for example, already use virtual reality to allow potential buyers to look at a house and fully inspect it while not having to actually visit the location. Other businesses are looking at providing information for apps that provide smart phone users information on businesses. This would also allow companies to provide an immersive advertisement based on live feeds.

The technology for all of this pretty much exists; it is just a matter of putting it all together. As there are already apps that take advantage of various forms of virtual reality to accomplish a wide variety of tasks ranging from games to selling houses, it is just a matter of combining everything and seeing what can be accomplished with all of that information processing power. In laying the foundation for Tsunami XR, Alex Hern is asking that question and providing an answer.

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