Madison Street Capital Teams Up With Oak Street Funding to Facilitate Infiniti HR Debt Facility

The $4.2 million debt facility of Inifiti HR that is being led by Madison Street Capital’s Berry Petersen, Senior Managing Director, was announced by Charles Botchway, Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital. Oak Street Funding is financing the operation which will allow Infiniti HR to grow their company with the proper capital that they have been needing. Oak Street Funding has experience in the services that Infiniti HR will require and their Chief Executive Officer, Rick Dennen, is looking forward to the partnership as it will be mutually beneficial.


Infiniti HR provides services to small and medium sizes such as human resources along with business processes. This allows their clients to spend their time and resources on operating the rest of the aspects of their business. Madison Street Capital’s Barry Petersen believes that the expertise of his company, as well as the strength of Infiniti HR’s management team, will lead to significant growth for Infiniti HR and their ability to serve their clients. With Oak Street Funding’s familiarity of the insurance service sector, he believes the partnership will be ideal.


Madison Street Capital has opened offices in Asia, Africa, and North America since it was founded in 2005. With offices located internationally, Madison Street Capital works with clients around the world that includes national and international corporate governance. They have years of experience in many different aspects of financial advisory services such as mergers, acquisitions, corporate governance, and valuation services. Over the years, they have built many professional relationships that aid them in finding capitalization, financing, as well as buyers and sellers that fit the particular situation of each client using their services. In order to properly serve their clients, Madison Street Capital first places a proper value on the businesses they are working with to better assess the situation.


Madison Street Capital’s main client base is middle-market businesses that need help figuring out the best financial options for their current and future growth and development. The process of finding the right financial advisor for a business can be a huge task as many don’t know how to sort through the sea of different options. Madison Street Capital has a long history of excellence and has built their reputation to be one of the top financial service providers throughout the middle-market industry.


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