Clayton Hutson is the Man behind Kid Rock’s Impressive Image

Those who work in the entertainment industry are probably familiar with the name Clayton Hutson. For more than a year now, he has been running a successful business in the industry of music. Even so, his success is not pegged on a silver platter as it has taken him a lot of years to accomplish this dream. Furthermore, from a tender age, he had a particular passion for music and entertainment in general. Therefore, like any other young man growing up while obsessing over a dream, he aspired to be part of the controlling group in the industry. To accomplish that, he joined the Central Michigan University for a course in theatre design. Later into the years, he attained a course in business administration from the Stephen M. As such; he had the opportunity to earn some exposure to the entertainment industry.

Delving into Music and Entertainment

After graduating from college, Clayton Hutson had the opportunity to work in various entertainment industries. Therefore, he expounded on his experience and expertise to project management as well as sound engineering. With his career line, he was lucky enough to work with the likes of Billy Graham and many other celebrities who found him useful in the industry. As such, he managed to create a strong portfolio in the two areas of specialization.

The Talked About Tour!

Over time, Clayton Hutson landed multiple business opportunities working as a stage and tour manager. Consequently, he landed a business deal to manage the Kid Rock Tour held in Western Pennsylvania. For those with some passion and preference for old, hard rock music, you should not have missed out on such an event. The sonic pleasures were immeasurably describable. Moreover, Clayton Hutson infused varied tastes and ideas to come up with a personal touch that would be spruced across the arena. Furthermore, long-term rock artists were present to witness and support the showcased performance. Even with these performances, the primary center of attraction was in Kid Rock. Before we praise Clay Hutson for excellent tour management for the band, let us travel back into the history of the band before their last event with Clayton Hutson.

The Back Story

In the past, Kid Rock has always been caught up in dubious character situations following his misdemeanor on stage or just on tours. For instance, he rocked the vote when he cursed during an event. As such, he has always been known as an extremely overrated and undisciplined individual who could do with some touch in public relations. Eventually, Clayton Hutson has come in to save the situation, and without a doubt, Kid Rock’s fans are happy to be part of the revolution.

The Overview

From how Clay Hutson has transformed Kid Rock’s image into an admirable one, it is right to conclude that he is a competent stage manager, sound engineer and a PR specialist for celebrities in the music industry. Learn more:

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