The Chainsmokers Latest Single “Sick Boy” Sets a New Tone for the Pop/EDM Duo

The Chainsmokers are making some headlines for the newest single “Sick Boy”. Beyond the single winning the favor of some of the more reputable critics in show business, the title is a change of pace of the duo. The Chainsmokers ran the risk of being mistaken for one-trick ponies. The duo has elaborately tip-toed the line between being a hit pop band and an underground EDM empire. Their hits have been flying for the last few years, and they seem to have had daily play on all of the major pop stations. In the clubs, that success was multiplied with their dance hits and pop hits synergy that offers the complete EDM experience.

“Sick Boy” is a little different. The newest single from duo Alex Pall and Drew Taggart is a darker more symphonic hit about the life of social media. The new song draws from the pressures of fame and the social media fetishization of people in the entertainment industry. The darker hit serves as a great accompaniment to previous work mocking similar ideas such as #Selfie and Kayne.

Let’s be clear; the Chainsmokers aren’t mocking social media, they are simply fully aware of the dangers surrounding it. After all, the duo actively takes part in social media on a consistent basis. Their new song is just a reflection of those experiences in a dark angry way. The band has worked on some darker material before. Whether or not you are aware of it, Logic’s massive hit “1-800-273-8225” was partially written by Taggart, and the song is definitely one of the darker hits of the last decade.

Times seem to be shifting. Taggart and Pall are just following that shift. Social media once gave people false hope, not it’s looking like the depression era is kicking in. With most modern pop music lending itself towards more depressing, dark undertones, Chainsmokers hit is in good company. Hopefully, this newest hit shows the world that the duo is far more than happy-go-lucky hits. The duo is coming out as true artists in the EDM/Pop fusion scene.

Learn About William Saito, The Cybersecurity Guru

More than half of planet Earth’s population regularly uses the World Wide Web on a regular basis. Although the Internet has been a global phenomenon for nearly 30 years, people still struggle to stay safe while visiting news media websites, social media platforms, niche forums – cybercriminals don’t discriminate in deciding where to carry out their next attacks.

William Saito fully understands the realities of cybersecurity in both a personal and business sense. Mr. Saito is a reputable source for all things related to Internet security and is even trusted by the likes of Forbes to produce written content about cybersecurity issues.

First, let’s get to know Mr. William Saito a little better. Afterward, a recent cyber-related Forbes article penned by none other than Mr. Saito himself will be recapped to help both individuals and workplaces make sense of the most significant modern threats in technology and the World Wide Web.

Who is William Saito?

Mr. Saito is a 47-year-old man who was born in Los Angeles, California. Over the years, he’s spent a majority of his time living, going to school, starting businesses, and working throughout California.


Many people associate William Saito with the 1991 formation of I/O Software and its eventual sale to Microsoft. After he sold the then-white-hot tech company in 2004, he traveled to Japan to kick off a career as a venture capitalist.


William Saito’s knowledge and expertise in the ever-changing, worldwide realm of technology even landed him a spot as a formal advisor to Japan’s very own Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of the country. Mr. Saito also was credited with the roles of Cabinet Office advisor from 2013 through 2017 and Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry from 2016 to 2017, both of which were through the Japanese government.


Making sense of cybersecurity policies is key for technological rigidity in business


Mr. Saito wrote 9 Factors To Ensure Your Cybersecurity Policy Works For Your Staff, Not Against Them for Forbes on August 8, 2017, a piece that detailed various steps businesses can take to create proper formal policies to back up employees faced with major cyber attacks.


As William Saito has stressed in other articles, he feels not blaming victims is vital to the success of workplaces’ rosters as homogenous units. Further, Saito also urges businesses to never spend less time on the Internet due to ongoing cybersecurity threats.

Kamil Idris’ Views on the European Union’s Efforts to Safeguard Intellectual Property

Professor Kamil Idris is a diplomat, scholar and Intellectual Property Rights activist. He familiarized himself foreign relations at Khartoum University’s foreign law ministry, which later posted him to the United Nations Sudanese office where he acquainted himself more while serving on a special African delegate team for discussing hindrances of technological, environmental and occupational movement of goods between developing states. In addition to obtaining an LLB honorary from Khartoum University, Kamil also has a Ph.D. in international law from The University of Geneva and honorary doctorate law degrees from 19 Universities across the world. He served as the Director General for World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) until 2008. He is the president of the International Court of Arbitration and Mediation and a member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in Hague.


Kamil Idris is passionate about the protection and promotion of Intellectual Property Rights. He has written some books and publications on this subject. In a post on Medium, professor Kamil attempts to explain modern legislation regarding Intellectual Property. He notes that Intellectual Property laws prompt economic growth. Professor Kamil acknowledges that patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets ate the main kinds of Intellectual Property. In the modern world, Intellectual property is so significant that it has resulted in trade wars between countries like in the case of the United States and China.


Professor Kamil goes further to explain the strategies by the European Union to promote and protect Intellectual Property Rights and its laws concerning Intellectual Property. The European patent Office strives to oversee patent registration across Europe. However, it is limited because Europe has many communication languages and this proves a challenge to translation. The Unified Patent Court was set up to protect registered patents in Europe. This is to help patent owners protect their work from being used as original ideas by people from other countries.



Kamil Idris, while talking to Venture Outsource points out that globalization has obscured national intellectual growth. He defined national legalization as a starting point in determining the consequences of globalization on a specific state’s intellectual growth. He says piracy and the limitless nature of the internet are the most significant challenges facing WIPO. Professor Kamil notes that WIPO is enacting its unique patent data into the internet to regulate infringement. He suggests that a global patent agreement will speed up the patent integration process that is slowed down by the patent imbalance between nations.

“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” Turns Sean Penn Into A Best-Selling Author

Actor/writer/director Sean Penn has enjoyed a varied and successful career with Oscar wins for his roles in “Milk” and “Mystic River” but the performer has been left confused by the response to his latest project, a debut novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” The novel began life as an audio project, Penn revealed to “Rolling Stone” magazine he wanted to get the story of isolation and loneliness in the U.S. to the public before the 2016 Presidential election. Penn has since seen his complex and controversial piece of fiction make its way to bookstore shelves and has a bestseller on his hands.


Sean Penn admits the response to his debut novel has left him more than a little confused as many readers and audiobook listeners have confused fiction with fact, a response Penn believes is an indictment on the reality TV culture we live in. The actor and former husband of Madonna does believe his novel has a lot to say about the direction of the U.S. in the coming years if the current path is followed into the future.


The extremes of the life and career of the main character in the book do not reflect the choices Penn has made in his life but Sean Penn has himself led an often controversial life. Whether he has been delivering aid to Haiti following a major earthquake or interviewing the Mexican drug cartel leader El Chapo following his escape from jail, Penn has always looked to follow his own path.


When asked about the comparisons made about his skill as a writer to that of critically-acclaimed novelists Terry Southern and Thomas Pynchon, Sean Penn admits he does not care for links between his work and that of writers he may not even have read. Instead, the screenwriter of “Into The Wild” admits he has started and given up on novels in the past but believed the direction the U.S. is taking was the main reason for his desire to publish his debut novel as quickly as possible prior to the 2016 election victory of President Donald Trump.


U.S. Money Reserve Set For Another Release

Over the years, the U.S. Money Reserve has become very popular with coin collectors. Putting out limited-edition, rare releases that are exclusively distributed, the company has built up quite a reputation within the coin community. Read more: US Money Reserve | Bizjournals and US Money Researve | Instagram

And for those who enjoyed the epic Pearl Harbor collection, there is something extraordinary about to drop yet again.

With the royals in the news these days, the U.S. Reserve is celebrating a very timely event—the 65th coronation anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II. For those who follow the triumphs and tribulations of the royals, it is difficult to imagine a better gift.

Partnering with The Perth Mint for this special release, the U.S. Reserve excels at commemorating the events that matter most in our history.

Their famed Pearl Harbor coin collection was highly admired, so it wouldn’t be a shock to see this collection sell out quickly. Not only is the release very timely, but the quality of the coins is truly compelling.

As people are celebrating the marriage of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle, they may recall the coronation, which was the television event of its decade. With hundreds of millions of people tuning in to see Her Majesty claim her throne back in 1953, it is easy to see why this coin collection may recall magnificent memories.

When they order this collection, coin enthusiasts will find that they have two new gold proof coins in their possession—one that is two ounces and one that is a quarter of an ounce. Rounding out the set is a silver proof coin that weighs one ounce.

Since, the U.S. Reserve is only making 203 of these sets available, those who are interested should not waste time if they’d like to order. With all of the excitement surrounding the monarchy these days, it’s anyone’s guess when the coins will be sold out.

Indeed, many have expressed enthusiasm for the design of these coins, which boast spectacular symbols. There is St. Edward’s Crown, as well as the golden wattle and Australian state flowers. For coin hobbyists who are seeking out something a little different, this collection just might do the trick.

Struck from pure silver and gold, these coins are also considered legal tender. With The Perth Mint of Australia backing this collection, there exists true inspiration and greatness in its composition.

Clayton Hutson is the Man behind Kid Rock’s Impressive Image

Those who work in the entertainment industry are probably familiar with the name Clayton Hutson. For more than a year now, he has been running a successful business in the industry of music. Even so, his success is not pegged on a silver platter as it has taken him a lot of years to accomplish this dream. Furthermore, from a tender age, he had a particular passion for music and entertainment in general. Therefore, like any other young man growing up while obsessing over a dream, he aspired to be part of the controlling group in the industry. To accomplish that, he joined the Central Michigan University for a course in theatre design. Later into the years, he attained a course in business administration from the Stephen M. As such; he had the opportunity to earn some exposure to the entertainment industry.

Delving into Music and Entertainment

After graduating from college, Clayton Hutson had the opportunity to work in various entertainment industries. Therefore, he expounded on his experience and expertise to project management as well as sound engineering. With his career line, he was lucky enough to work with the likes of Billy Graham and many other celebrities who found him useful in the industry. As such, he managed to create a strong portfolio in the two areas of specialization.

The Talked About Tour!

Over time, Clayton Hutson landed multiple business opportunities working as a stage and tour manager. Consequently, he landed a business deal to manage the Kid Rock Tour held in Western Pennsylvania. For those with some passion and preference for old, hard rock music, you should not have missed out on such an event. The sonic pleasures were immeasurably describable. Moreover, Clayton Hutson infused varied tastes and ideas to come up with a personal touch that would be spruced across the arena. Furthermore, long-term rock artists were present to witness and support the showcased performance. Even with these performances, the primary center of attraction was in Kid Rock. Before we praise Clay Hutson for excellent tour management for the band, let us travel back into the history of the band before their last event with Clayton Hutson.

The Back Story

In the past, Kid Rock has always been caught up in dubious character situations following his misdemeanor on stage or just on tours. For instance, he rocked the vote when he cursed during an event. As such, he has always been known as an extremely overrated and undisciplined individual who could do with some touch in public relations. Eventually, Clayton Hutson has come in to save the situation, and without a doubt, Kid Rock’s fans are happy to be part of the revolution.

The Overview

From how Clay Hutson has transformed Kid Rock’s image into an admirable one, it is right to conclude that he is a competent stage manager, sound engineer and a PR specialist for celebrities in the music industry. Learn more:

Jose AuriemoNeto Devoted to Enhance the Aesthetic Beauty of Brazil through Real Estate

Jose Auriemo Neto is a Brazilian executive who discharges his mandate as the CEO of JHSF participacoces SA, which is a real estate company with a prime goal of robustly developing commercial and residential infrastructure in entire Brazil. The company focuses on establishing aesthetic beauty of buildings depending on what clients deem adequate. Jose Auriemo Neto additionally is in charge of the group’s portfolio for massive shopping and retail, where he has overseen the construction of the famous shopping complex, Cidade Jardim, in Sao Paulo, MatroTucuruv, Ponta Negra in Manaus and the Bela Vista in Salvador. Moreover, two ongoing constructions in Sao Paulo District has recognized the surging market of Brazil and more

Establishing the Business

In the year 2009, Jose AuriemoNeto was surveyed and guided first-ever retail venture of the group. He facilitated the signing of numerous partnerships alongside grand consensus with Jimmy Choo, Hermes, and Pucci. In his tenure too, the group opened a luxury retail outlet at Cidade Jardim complex. He continued promoting partnership with the like minded organization to catapult their business quest jointly. In 2012 Valentino, joined them in a merger that resulted to the construction of R.E.D stores.

Academic Credentials

Auriemo is aluminous of FAAP University in Sao Paulo before beginning his career journey. He started working in JHSF in 1993. Four years after staying in the organization he resolved to the laborious creation of services department which he began by coining a parking lot. He simultaneously he started the journey for construction of the first shopping destination, where he oversaw the development of Shopping Santa Cruz, which was an enormous success story in Brazil’s retail industry.

More into Neto’s Contribution

Neto is an admired business leader who has paved the way for emerging entrepreneurs interested in joining the industry. He is also a role model, and upcoming business professionals can emulate his skills.

Get the Latest Gold and Sliver Forecast from the U.S. Money Reserve

The U.S. Reserve, a leading provider of precious metals around the world, examines gold and silver’s past, present, and future forecast. Phillip K. Diehl assigned Chief Numismatist John Rothans the challenging task of examining the forecast through news and trends. Here are his findings.


The precious metal powerhouse known as gold stayed steady in value while rising in price last year. Industry predictions believe gold will continue to rise now and for the remainder of 2018.

The disparity comes from whether gold will reach the highest price in five years or come close to it. Regardless, 2018 is a great time to buy gold. Customers must make sure they keep the following information in the forefront.

  • National and international industries demanding gold for profit increases gold’s price and value.
  • Gold’s demand could decline due to mining and extraction’s decline in finding new mines and discovering more gold in old ones. The gold remaining, however, will increase consequently.
  • The American dollar’s current value is the weakest ever, and it won’t gain strength in 2018.
  • Conflicts in North Korea, Europe, and the Middle East along with easy access to gold in India, Russia, and the U.S. affect gold’s prices.


Second to gold, silver had a rough 2017. It started steady in value while rising in price, hitting its stride during the summer. By fall 2017, silver’s value fell.

A new year means a fresh start for silver metal, and analysts predict a return to prominence. Silver’s comeback rise is slow and steady throughout the year according to industry experts. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Therefore, if customers want to purchase silver, understand that its value is unstable. Consider the following.

  • The silver supply should be abundant before purchase. Abundant silver inventory equals inexpensive prices while low inventory increases prices.
  • Industries, where silver is mandatory for business growth such as electronics, solar power, and jewelry, affect price. Their thirst and demand for silver drives up prices.
  • Conversely, the silver prices for jewelry are lower due to silver’s appeal and versatility. It’s the opposite for electronics and solar power industries as prices go up.

In summary, gold and silver were a strong asset for financial security and continues to be a secure and valuable asset for interested parties. Interested parties should purchase gold and silver at our Texas headquarters.

Talk to our skilled representatives for any questions and concerns. Leave satisfied and confident about your financial security.

Read more: US Money Reserve | Twitter and US Money Reserve | Facebook

The Chainsmokers, Alex Pall

The Chainsmokers have turned out to be one of the more main electronic music groups on the planet taking their own image of move tech music to the general population in a way which changes the way the world sees DJ’s as a whole.

Through the span of the most recent couple of years, The Chainsmokers have been changing the way electronic music has been seen by venturing out of the DJ stall and into the general population eye for a more preferred sound; The Chainsmokers have been hoping to take after the online networking picture made by Alex Pall for the gathering as he has turned out to be known as the showcasing master mind behind the twosome.

Both individuals from The Chainsmokers trust they convey something individual to the band and set out to make another method for investigating electronic music including a move outside the DJ corner to sing without anyone else on any of their tracks. Alex Pall trusts the need to sing their own melodies is all piece of the reality the DJs are engaged with the songwriting procedure and trust they are changing the modern perspective of the DJ realm for the better view in the general population eye; Pall himself has given vocals and was followed close by Andrew Taggart to tunes including a large portion of the best referred to specialists on the planet, for example, the artist known as Halsey.

Pall told Rosenzweig “She’s incredible. If you had asked us over the last year who was an artist that we wanted to work with, Halsey was number one on that list. She’s a very cool and unique artist. She has a very strong voice and she’s just very unapologetically her. That’s the kind of artist we like to work with”.