Securus Technologies Hopes to Expand Services with GovPayNet Acquisition:

In an effort to expand and improve its payment services, Securus Technologies has bought GovPayNet. The company specializes in credit and debit payment to government agencies. The majority of its services revolve around the payment of court fines, cash bail, and various traffic violations. GovPayNet’s services spans 2,300 agencies in 35 states.


Bob Pickens, the CEO and President of Securus, said the addition of GovPayNet allows his company to process over 40 million payments every year. Along with GovPayNet, Securus is also using JPay, which is used for payments to corrections services departments, and has added more sales people and products. All of this, Pickens hopes, will allow his company to reach into more sectors of the government payment processing market.


Mark Mackenzie, the CEO of GovPayNet, said he is excited to expand his company’s services with Securus Technologies. He added the partnership will allow GovPayNet to add services and gain new business in other sectors.


Securus Technologies serves 3,500 law enforcement and corrections agencies throughout the country. Among the services they provide are emergency response, incident management, information management, and public relations. GovPayNet was formed in 1997 by a former sheriff in order to make payments surrounding court actions easier.


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