Barrett-Jackson 47th Annual Auction Sponsored by U.S.Money Reserve

There is an auction held in Scottsdale that brings in around 200,000 or so people each year. The event is televised and caters to people who love cars. This year a rare McLaren P1 GTR will be on hand locked in the vault like display of this year’s sponsor, U.S. Money Reserve.

Barrett-Jackson and U.S. Money Reserve have a lot in common. Barrett-Jackson brings collectible cars for the car enthusiasts and true car collectors and U.S. Money Reserve brings collectible precious metal to almost anywhere the collector wants it. They can send the coins to your home, office or somewhere else.

This year the highly trainnd staff of U.S. Money Reserve was on to answer any questions that people had about precious metal or collectable coins in general. IF it has to do with gold, silver or platinum, rest assured the folks at U.S. Money Reserve know all about it. Read more: US Money Reserve | Twitter and US Money Reserve | LinkedIn

They are true experts in their field. If you want to discuss the many benefits of owning a rare metal, like gold, they are the industry leaders, you will want to talk to them. It is best to make a list of questions that you want to ask them and talk with them directly.

The people of Barrett-Jackson are known around the world for putting on amazing events and they are the leaders in the area of collectible car auctions.

This is one of the reason why U.S. Money Reserve was so happy to be a sponsor. It is a winning proposition for both U.S. Money Reserve and Barrett-Jackson. However, the people who really benefit are the 200,000 people who show up to see what’s on display. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Perhaps some of those auction attendees will be new to coin collecting and place their first order with U.S. Money Reserve. The one thing that is so awesome is that you can order collectible coins for all levels of coin collecting.

Gold coins, silver coins and more can be found with ease on the new website of U.S. Money Reserve. The company makes it easy for every level of collector to place and order and find something they like.

Unlike so many other companies out there, U.S. Reserve ships you what you order. For example if you order a gold coin set, you will get that coin set sent to the delivery address you provide.

They will never ship you a piece of paper that says you bought a gold coin set that is house in a vault somewhere. When you order from U.S. Money Reserve, you get what you order

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