American Institute of Architects Appoints New Vice President/CEO

The leadership of the American Institute of Architects has appointed Robert Ivy, a reputable figure in the architectural industry, as the organization’s new vice president/CEO with effect from February 1, 2011. Prior to his appointment, Robert has served as the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record since 1996. He previously served on the AIA’s board of directors.

In his new executive role, the decorated expert will oversee the operations of AIA’s Washington, DC national office. He is also expected to manage the organization’s 206 employees as well as the $56 million yearly budget. In addition, Ivy is tasked to run the operations of the American Institute of Architects both locally and internationally.

George H. Miller, the organization’s 2010 president, has applauded Robert’s appointment. George has reportedly expressed AIA’s excitement adding that Robert has the experience and leadership skills required to drive the institute forward. Miller also gave his gratitude on behalf of AIA to the outgoing interim Executive Vice President/CEO, Paul Welch, for his loyalty towards the Institute.

While expressing his thrill to working with Robert Ivy, FAIA’s 2011 president Clark Manus reminded the institute’s leadership that it’s a pivotal time for both the organization and the design and construction Industry. Manus further encouraged the team to grasp emerging opportunities and concentrate its efforts on facilitating growth.

About American Institute of Architects (AIA)

Headquartered in Washington, D.C, AIA is a professional organization representing the interest of licensed Architects in the US. Established by a group of architects in 1857, the organization has continued to offer education, and advocacy services to its members while enhancing community redevelopment through partnerships.

Currently headed by Robert Ivy, the American Institute of Architects has over 90,000 certified architects as members. AIA has its membership divided into various categories, including architect, associate, international associate, emeritus, and allied members. It continues to serve United States’ design and construction industry through its high standard professional ethics.

About Robert Ivy

Currently a key figure in the US’s design and construction industry, Robert pursued his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of the South, Tennessee. He proceeded to pursue masters in Architecture in Tulane University before being elevated to AIA’s College of Fellows in 1993.

Robert Ivy has served several other institutions in top-level management capacities. His hard work and commitment have earned him a number of important awards, including the Crane Award. Following his appointment to the top leadership of AIA, Robert expressed his commitment to working with the organization’s staff towards a common goal: success to AIA members.

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