Stream Appoints a New Chief Financial Officer

A few days ago, Stream company which was previously known as a Stream Energy, announced the addition of a new chief financial officer and executive vice president by the name David Faranetta. David is set to oversee the firms accounting, reporting, and treasury functions, and ensure that the firm’s financial plans are efficient and timely. Faranetta’s role will focus on driving Stream’s economic growth. Being a veteran in the energy industry, David is expected to bring a strategic record of visionary executive development and leadership. Stream announces that David has earned broad recognition as a motivational speaker and a leader whose main aim is to align the firm’s human and non-human resources towards economic development and growth. David Faranetta asserts that he has been following Stream for an extended period and that he is thrilled to join the dynamic team with significant expertise and robust ideas for growth. Follow Stream Energy on Twitter.

David reveals that he is excited to be part of an executive team that sets the pace for the firm to boost development within the energy industry. Holding the position of a chief financial officer, David will be responsible for overseeing that the financial procedures driving Stream towards growth and development are adhered to and maintained. David is known to have vast experience and a deep understanding of treasury and financial management operations, risk management and regulatory procedures which will be an added benefit to the firm. The CEO and president of Stream announced that he is thrilled that David joined the team, as his experience and contribution would be of value to the company. The CEO believes that David will effectively shape the future of Stream and sore the firm to greater heights. Visit Public Utility Commission of Texas website to know more about Stream Energy.

About Stream

The stream Energy is one of the best direct selling firms and providers of life connected services. The company was founded in 2005 and has its headquarters in Dallas. Stream’s application of innovative techniques of direct selling vastly revolutionized the global energy industry and generated high revenues. The company, therefore, transformed to become the leading direct selling firm within the national and international market.


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