Nathaniel Ru’s role in Sweetgreen development

Nathaniel Ru studied at Georgetown University based in Washington, D.C. Nathaniel and his friends always wanted to find a restaurant that had fun environment, but they couldn’t see any. From this experience, they were able to establish their eatery at M street.

Luck was on their side as the land they wanted to create their restaurant on was also owned by the landlord of apartment hat they stayed at, and it took some calls and convincing before he finally gave them the portion.

Nathaniel says that the landlord might have noticed the motivation they had at that time and advised them to get an architect and also to develop a more efficient business plan.

This process took them three weeks. Nathaniel states that he was grateful to the landlord who had made a risk in helping them even though they had never run any restaurant before. They named their eatery Sweetgreen.

Theresa Dold who is the leads digital marketing at Sweetgreen compares the eatery to apple as they want to create something fashionable yet simple. Apart from being just a place of eating they wanted Sweetgreen to entertain those who eat there.

Nathaniel Ru insists that the primary aim of their store Is not only to expand and become a cooperate giant but remain true the requirements of local people. Each Sweetgreen outlets have five values that Nathaniel and his associate came up with.

Nathaniel recalls when they were to move their store Dupont circle which had ample space in 2009 but no customer showed up that day except for their parents and investors.

They then thought of setting up music systems to attract customers. Sweetgreen also has invested in technology to create easy payment options for customers using their app which enables customers to garner points. Sweet green also offers yoga classes, fitness lessons in their stores. The company also ensures employees are on their best behavior.

Nathaniel Ru studied finance from the Georgetown University. He is Sweetgreen CEO and one of the co-founders. He was born and grew up in Pasadena, CA. and through his stay at the university is where he met his cofounders that he started the business with.

Ru believes in providing the best services to customers, and these are the values that he wants to instill in employees to give a very entertaining environment for his customers making them want to come for more.

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