Glowing Testimonials Prove Securus’ Technology Solutions Prevent Crimes

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of integrated technology solutions to correctional facilities across the US. We provide inmate communication platforms, parolee tracking and information management solutions to the government. We use technology to solve and prevent numerous crimes at facilities. We recently invited stakeholders and the public to visit our technology center to learn how we are changing the incarceration experience and enhancing public safety.

We also published a short sampling of the numerous customer comments revealing how our technologies are reducing crime and improving their work experiences in facilities. Our customers include prison officials and workers in multiple correctional centers across the country. They have the unenviable responsibility of keeping the correctional facilities running efficiently. They also ensure that public safety is the primary priority in the local community.

We build safety into every solution that we provide. Let us review select comments. In one instance, a rogue member of staff allowing contraband into a facility was nabbed using calling data obtained from our systems. Our data enabled the facility leaders to get a search warrant on the corrupt staff.

In another instance, a client was able to filter communications for specific keywords related to alcohol, drugs, and trafficking. They were able to obtain information on the illegal use of cellular devices, suspicious financial activity and an outsider admitting to selling discounted prescription drugs.

Clients are excited by our evolving technology solutions that help them stay several steps ahead of the lawbreakers. Our strategy of integrating emergent technologies improves their investigative processes and guarantees safety in the facility. This aligns with their aggressive investigative trends.

Another client was grateful for the advanced reporting systems. The analysis of the reports enables them to enhance their monitoring processes and reduce incidences of contraband in the facility. We continue to receive glowing reviews of the technology solutions from facility staff and the public. We believe our investment record in technology speaks for itself.

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